Veldo – Seat Tracking System

Veldo – Seat Tracking System

The seat sensor is a sensor system sensitive to heat and weight indicating whether or not there are occupants in seats of vehicles. Nowadays, the seat sensor, which is mostly used in service vehicles, has become compulsory in line with the laws. The sensors consist of technological devices which measure up to certain weights that have a long life and resist contacting with all kinds of liquids. The seat sensor is compatible with all kind of vehicles and can be installed quickly

Thanks to Seat Monitoring System;

  • Monitoring of the system is ensured as soon as the person gets a seat.
  • The display can be mounted to the desired place in the driver's cab to warn with light or sound and to monitor the seats in general.
  • It is monitored to see if the seat belt of the person getting in the seat is fastened.
  • Cases of being forgotten in the vehicle are eliminated.
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