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Shell and Mobiliz has signed a strategic cooperation contract that will provide significant savings to enterprises in fleet management costs under Shell FleetPlatform Solution.

Companies of different scales will be utilizing the advanced vehicle tracking features of Shell FleetPlatform developed by Mobiliz.

Under the same contract Mobiliz, as Shell's sole fuel sales agent, will be able to offer Shell Fleet Solutions to its customers in Turkey regardless of the number of vehicles that can benefit from a number of advantageous conditions, being a first in the sector.

Shell FiloPlatform and Mobiliz customers will be able to take advantage of Shell's end-to-end fleet management solutions for their needs and operations while also owning Mobiliz's advanced vehicle tracking system.

Thanks to the new system, companies using Shell FiloPlatform will be provided with all sophisticated vehicle tracking functions as well as new reports and special displays for vehicle fuel consumption.

Service is available only in the territory Turkey.

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