TIRPORT - Logistics Operations Management

TIRPORT is a new generation digital platform that enables the persons who have cargo and want to have them transported to find trucks quickly and which enables the truck drivers and cargo transportation companies to find the transportation items they search for when and where they search for.

Thanks to Logistics Operations Management;

  • Those who have cargo and truck drivers come together on the digital platform.
  • The factories and companies having cargo benefit from the opportunity of real-time and location-based MONITORING of their progressing logistics operations. Thus, they can manage the logistics companies they work with or the trucks they provide from the spot in real-time and based on location via their special control panels, and take precautions in advance against any problems that may arise.
  • All transportation operations can be managed via mobile phone and the suitable trucks can be found at the desired location and time, the favorite truck drivers can be defined as “reliable truck drivers” and private carrier portfolios can be created.
  • Thanks to the application technologies supported by artificial intelligence algorithms, the truck drivers get rid of the ordeal of finding cargo on their way when returning and the companies having large cargo gain the power to effectively manage logistics operations that correspond to hundreds of trucks on a daily basis.
  • SMEs gain the opportunity of monitoring their cargo which is very valuable to themselves and their customers from moment to moment and receive digital confirmation as soon as they reach their target thanks to the system.


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