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Thanks to Filosoft, the Fleet Management Software developed by EcoFilo, all information about the vehicle fleet is collected on web-based software by an unlimited number of users and through integration with other applications.

Thanks to Filosoft;

  • Fleet managers, drivers, operations professionals, finance accounting and more get together in fleet management software.
  • Fleet management software minimizes manual data entry and enables automation of standard fleet management operations.
  • The information is compiled and converted into reports and statistics that ensure effective management of the fleet, cost reduction, and increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Since the information is not monitored in different applications and on paper, it is shared very easily. By this means, the cooperation is increased; effective fleet management is provided and the information is effectively shared with all units related to the fleet.
  • The information about the fleet can be accessed based on authorization and the data can be entered from anywhere. The fleet can also be easily managed through the mobile environment.
  • The information is not entered in different applications over and over again.
  • All tasks are sent to the concerning persons before the time is exceeded and the results are monitored.


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