Motorist - All Features On a Single Platform For Motorcycle Owners

Motorist offers all features to automobile and motorcycle owners on a single platform! > Motorcycle Tracking Device, Fuel, Vehicle Insurance, Traffic Insurance, Auto Service&Repair, Vehicle Inspection, Tires, MTV (Motor Vehicle Tax), Roadside Assistance, Road Assistance by Motorcycle, Mobile Charging Service and Navigation.

What does Motorist offer to drivers?

  • It offers professional service and maximum protection to drivers with the Motorcycle Tracking Device, which is presented in partnership with Motorist – Mobiliz to prevent motorcycle theft. 
  • Take full advantage of our contactless payment and fuel discounts.
  • With only one click, you can easily find out about your Vehicle Insurance or Traffic Insurance.
  • Get offers from 30 different insurance companies for Vehicle Insurance, Traffic Insurance and Travel Insurance.
  • General Roadside Assistance (All Regions of Turkey): With a tow truck, tire assistance, vehicle locksmith, and battery support, we are there for you in your most difficult moments.
  • Roadside Assistance by Motorcycle (M-Auto): In 30 minutes, get the fastest and most cost-effective roadside assistance for both cars and motorcycles! (Istanbul) - First Time in Turkey!
  • Mobile Charging Service (M-Charge): Charging service for electric vehicles on-site. (Istanbul) - First Time in Turkey!
  • With Special Navigation Service, everything you need is right at your fingertips:  Petrol Station > Parking Lot > Car Wash > Coffee > E-Charge Unit > Service & Repair > Tires
  • Keep track of your scheduled maintenance periods.
  • Keep track of your liabilities like Insurance, MTV, and vehicle inspections easily.
  • Be aware of changes in fuel prices.
  • And more...

Motorcycle Tracking Device

Safety First!

Your motorcycle's safety is in the hands of professionals. 

While you monitor your motorcycle 7/24, the device alerts you for any unwanted interference, vibration, or theft thanks to it sensors. 

The Motorcycle Tracking Device, which is designed specifically to prevent motorcycle theft, can provide maximum protection for your motorcycle.

Features of Our Motorcycle Tracking Device:

  • For the first time in Turkey, a tracking device specially designed for motorcycles
  • Vibration/Tremor Alert
  • Theft Alert
  • Tracker Removed Alert
  • Jammer Alert
  • Widespread Authorized Service & Repair Network in 81 Provinces (The most comprehensive Service & Repair network)
  • 25 years of R&D Experience
  • On-site Assembly Service (First Time in Turkey!)
  • Immobilizer
  • 3 Different Voice Options for Notifications
  • Ignition On/Off Alert
  • Live Tracking
  • Battery Voltage Level
  • Internal Battery
  • IPX6 Water Resistance
  • Route Animations and Analysis

You can get started right away by downloading the most integrated and effective application for drivers to your phone for free!

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