Ready Mixed Concrete Process Management

It is a system where companies serving in the ready-mixed concrete sector can follow the process of delivering the products they produce to the customer from end to end in real time.

Detailed Information

By combining GSM/GPRS based technologies and CANBus data received from the vehicle trip computer with integrated additional sensor data;

1-Instant tracking of the shipment and management of the operation, 

2-Fuel comsumption analysis, 

3-Driver performanca analysis,

4-Vehicle efficency Analysis with trip computer report,

5-Planning and managment of resources,

6-Measurment of the the efficiency of the service provided to the customer,

7-Measurements to support Environmental and Occupational Safety audits are provided, 


User Friendly Functions 

  • Monitoring of Concrete Discharge Points with Precise GPS Measurements
  • Tracking of Boiler Return Movement from Production to Delivery
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete Shipment and Delivery Special Report
  • Fuel Consumption Analysis
  • Driver Performance Analysis
  • Vehicle Efficiency Analysis
  • Historical Shipment Analysis with Plant Site Area Definitions
  • Alarm and Violation Definition
  • Third Party Integration Capability
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Hall-Effect sensors are used to determine the direction of rotation of the boiler in the concrete mixer and the process of mixing and discharging the concrete is monitored.

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