Mobiliz, which is founded by a team of experts with more than 25 years of experience in the vehicle tracking sector, is one of the pioneers of the vehicle tracking systems sector with its rapid growth, the technological innovations it has put into practice and the important projects it has signed in Turkey and abroad. Mobiliz, its reliable and simple service and fast and innovative service approach by paying attention to the needs of its customers and extending its services is an expert in the fields of Vehicle Tracking, Cargo Tracking, Person/Pet Tracking and Mobile DVR.


Economic Package: It is used with the aim of meeting the basic vehicle tracking needs of passenger car and commercial vehicle owners. It puts detailed, current and retrospective reports as well as position, speed, engine idling and other information of the vehicles at the disposal of the users.

Standard Package: It puts the additional information and reports to be needed by the business, including wider selection of accessories as well as basic information such as position, speed, and engine idling of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Battery Standard Package: It is the battery operated model of the standard package. The Battery Standard Package also offers a higher level of security by continuing to send data when the vehicle tracking unit is demounted.

Advanced Package: It is a package that allows a great number of sensors and external unit connections in addition to the Battery Standard Package. CANBUS Package: It is an advanced vehicle tracking service package using the Canbus technology that obtains information such as fuel consumption, tank level and engine speed as well as the information of position, speed, and engine idling of the vehicle from the econometer and provides them to the user.

MotoTracking Package: It is a security package offered to motorcycle owners. It is easy to install through small tracking device specially designed for motorcycles for the first time in Turkey. Thanks to the minimum current consumption using the internal battery when the ignition switch is turned off, it does not consume the accumulator of the motorcycle unless it is turned off for too long. The motorcycle generates alarms in unwanted interventions through the built-in battery. The motorcycle can be stopped remotely thanks to the immobilizer control in the event of a stealing.

OBDII – Easy Package: Vehicle tracking unit with OBDII Connector is easily installed into vehicle OBD (on Board diagnostic) connector and only used for monitoring the position, speed and total mileage. Through direct installation of vehicles into the OBD (on Board diagnostic) connector, it is a basic and economic package that is easy to install without cables. Through internal battery, it sends an alarm when it is removed from its place. It is ideal for applications which require frequent vehicle changes and do not require high security.

OBDII – Advanced Package: With the OBDII Chip vehicle tracking unit, which is installed directly to OBD (On Board Diagnostic) connector of the vehicles, information about fuel consumption and vehicle usage as well as position, speed and total mileage of the vehicle are obtained from the trip computer Canbus. Through direct instalment of the vehicles to the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) connector, it is a trip computer package without cables.

It is a package that allows a great number of sensors and external unit connections in addition to the Battery Standard Package.
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