Transformation in Driver Behavior and Fleet Management with Driver Efficiency Scorecard: "Driver Efficiency System"

Mobiliz telemetry brings together the powerful algorithms of IUGO experience with Turkey's first and only heavy vehicles Driver Efficiency System.

The effect of drivers' driving habits on operational expenses has a large denominator.

New technologies make vehicle tracking system infrastructures more human-oriented, while allowing them to measure driving habits and driver behavior.

Mobiliz and IUGO have brought together their knowledge and skills and developed a special solution for the processes of measuring driver habits and offer a new service to their customers.

The IUGO Driver Efficiency Scorecard offers the opportunity to Transform Driver Behavior, improve Safety and Fuel Efficiency and reduce operational expenses.


IUGO analytics scores drivers, for each vehicle type, separately for each route, taking into account the actual road conditions, using the method that provides the lowest fuel consumption. It analyzes behaviors that cause excessive fuel consumption according to errors during braking and acceleration, especially ramp ups and downs.
With the determination of the correct gear and the correct RPM selection, thanks to the efficiency report created for each driver, it enables to see fuel losses and easily report driver errors that need improvement.

You can call us to transform your Fleet Management System.

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