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Choosing the right Vehicle Tracking System among from the dozens of different products on the market with a wide range of features can sometimes be overwhelming. In this article you'll find all the answers that will help you identify the features your business needs and also tell you what to look for when researching options for a fleet vehicle tracking system.

Vehicle tracking is one of the fastest growing markets for GPS technology. Companies of all sizes take advantage of modern GPS devices. If you have at least one company vehicle or a fleet, Vehicle Fleet Tracking is a real savings tool for businesses. Being able to monitor the vehicle at all times can significantly reduce your operating costs. A GPS fleet management system is a real help to keep your company running at maximum efficiency and to manage costs like fuel and employee overtime correctly. For example, excessively idling vehicles use excessive fuel, while also causing unnecessary vehicle wear and producing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. By effectively using the data and reports produced by a real-time vehicle fleet monitoring system, fuel costs can be drastically reduced by over 25 percent.


1) How often do you need Data Update?

In terms of data update frequency, two general category systems can be chosen: "real time" or "passive". Both are capable of giving you vehicle speed data, vehicle stop data, stop data length and track information. However, passive systems do not have the opportunity to transmit information to you instantly.



A real-time GPS vehicle tracking system uses a wireless network to enable you to receive your information and see the location of your vehicles in real time. Real-time GPS tracking is often used by companies or individuals who want to track fleet vehicles. Some features of real-time systems include real-time driver arrival alerts, speed alerts, and the ability to direct the nearest vehicle to a specific address.


2) Decide what is the most important data for your business!



Most companies want to know how fast their drivers are driving at any time of the day. Their aim is to prevent unnecessary fuel consumption, reduce fines, and prevent accidents due to wear and tear on the vehicle. The odometer is another parameter that can be accessed remotely. Companies can eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual mileage tracking.



Diagnostic information is useful because getting early warning of a vehicle problem allows minor issues to be fixed before they become larger, more expensive problems. Clearly identifying the problem in advance can streamline the repair process for technicians. Diagnostic check also allows you to reduce vehicle downtime due to better vehicle protection. Some systems determine features using information monitored directly from the vehicle's on-board diagnostic system.



Vehicle tracking systems also provide dozens of different reports in different formats and content, informing users and fleet managers about the data they contain, and ensuring that accurate and useful results are produced.



Perhaps most importantly, when deciding on a Vehicle Tracking System, remember that it is not just a device purchase, but a choice of a company that you will receive service from for many years. For this reason, do not make a decision without questioning critical factors such as how many years the company has been in this sector, the number and quality of its current references, the importance it attaches to R&D, the prevalence of after-sales services and the permanence of the company.


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