26/12/2017 04:34 · 1 min read

Vehicle Tracking Systems have perhaps the characteristic of being one of the most complex in M2M applications. In M2M applications, endpoints generally transmit information at cable fixed or wireless fixed locations and typically transmit information in order as a result of the interrogation by the centre. In vehicle tracking systems, the difficulty of real-time processing of hundreds of thousands of messages arriving randomly from vehicles under varying signal conditions of the mobile environment and in the event that a message is missed, the occurrence of errors in reports related to that vehicle create a serious "know-how" need.


Almost every day, new players penetrate into the market, many of them start with simple software and a black box without having adequate savings and a technological infrastructure and by providing their customers with very low margins, they may make the customers suffer by not providing technological investment and after-sales support infrastructures of the growing system. Technological and after-sales support infrastructures should be well examined in the process of making investment decisions.

Levent Aydoğan

CEO/Executive Chairman

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