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Do you know that tracking systems can reduce fleet fuel costs by up to 25%?

One of the quick, profitable and easy-to-measure benefits of vehicle tracking is its ability to reduce fuel consumption.

The profitability of your business can be affected by the cost of fuel and it is important to pay attention to the factors that affect fuel consumption, along with the constant fluctuations in fuel prices. In this article, we share five ways to ensure that you see an improvement in your fleet's fuel consumption with a good vehicle tracking system.


1- Reducing Excessive Idle

Idling consumes fuel. A truck consumes 1 liter of fuel in a 15 minutes of idling, so idling for an extra 30 minutes in a day means an extra consumption of 730 liters per year. In addition, we do not count the damages such as early wear on the engine.


2- Speed ​​Control

Acceleration consumes more fuel and fuel economy is reduced by 10% for every 10km above 100km/h. The faster your drivers drive, the higher your fuel bill will be. Mobiliz Vehicle Tracking System is a system that informs you when your drivers exceed the speed limit. You can monitor the driving behavior of your drivers and take precautions with notifications such as sudden departure, hard braking, high-speed cornering.


3- Maintenance Optimization

Taking advantage of automatic maintenance alerts can help keep your vehicles at their best fuel mileage. With vehicle tracking systems, you can monitor service needs based on km or engine start times, and let it warn you when a particular vehicle needs service. Service alerts can help you save fuel, shorten vehicle downtime and at the same time reduce your maintenance costs.


4- Better Routes

With the Mobiliz Vehicle Tracking System, you can send the closest vehicle to the target destination, determine the most effective route to your customer deliveries, and guide your drivers about traffic and other problems. You can eliminate unnecessary kilometers driven and reduce extra fuel consumption and idling time in traffic. With proper routing, you can save fuel and increase efficiency at the same time.


5- Non-Working Hours 

Mobiliz Vehicle Tracking System can create work areas and times to send warnings when driving outside the parameters determined by the system. The ability to instantly find out the location of your vehicle helps to reduce non-business vehicle use. These time and geographical area-defined blocking alerts prevent unnecessary waste of your fuel for your drivers' personal use.


Result: Monitoring Savings

With the use of Tracking Systems, a real difference will be seen in fleet fuel consumption and work efficiency. Of course, most drivers drive responsibly, but they may not be aware of how behaviors such as sudden acceleration and high-speed driving affect your fuel costs. Vehicle Tracking System can help with this and more! Remember, like all other companies that use vehicle tracking systems, you can reduce your company's fuel costs, reduce your company's expenses, and increase productivity by closely monitoring the driving habits of your employees and directing them to reduce speed, idling and aggressive driving.

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