a) Data Controller 

In MOBİLİZ BİLGİ VE İLETİŞİM TEKNOLOJİLERİ A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”), we hereby inform you that we, in our capacity as the data controller, hereby process your personal data that we come to know as a result of your job application to us and the submission of your resume in line with the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (hereinafter referred to as the “PDPL”) and other applicable legislation.

b) Categories of Processed Personal Data 

Your identity data, contact data, professional experience, audiovisual records, military status details, travel restriction details, hobbies as well as your sensitive personal data in case you state them on your resume (data about membership to societies, associations, trusts, political parties, your religious or philosophical opinions, your ethnic origins, and race or any data that may give an opinion about these matters, data about your health condition and/ or disability status) shall be processed under the legal grounds and for the purposes set out in the Employee/ Trainee Clarification Text in line with the PDPL and other applicable legislation. In addition to the categories above, we process your personal and/ or sensitive personal data set out in your resume delivered to us by saving them. In this respect, we kindly ask you not to specify or include any personal and/ or sensitive data of yours in case you do not want them to be processed by our system.

c) Purposes for processing Personal Data 

Your personal data shall be processed for the purposes below and subject to legal grounds set out in Article 5 (2) of the PDPL which prescribes that “c) in case the personal data of contract parties are required to be processed, provided that this process shall be directly related to the execution or performance of the contract”, and “ç) in case it is obligatory to process personal data to allow the data controller to perform its legal obligations”:

  • To administer selection and recruitment of employee/ trainee candidates,
  • To handle application processes of employee/ trainee candidates,
  • To plan human resource procedures,
  • To perform obligations arising from the employment contract and legislation,
  • To handle communication operations,
  • To plan, audit, and apply information security processes and to create and administer information technologies infrastructure;
  • To analyze the results of personality tests that you may take under our human resource processes
  • To handle and follow up legal affairs

Your sensitive personal data that you specify on your resume shall be processed pursuant to the legal grounds set out in Article 6 (2) of the PDPL which prescribes that “sensitive personal data may not be processed without the express consent of the data subject.”

d) Methods to collect Personal Data and Legal Grounds

Your personal data shall be collected verbally, in writing, or electronically by means of following automatic or non-automatic techniques on the basis of legal grounds set out in Article 5 (2) o the PDPL in order to carry out the purposes set out in Paragraph (b) hereof:

  • Information derived from the personality test that you take in line with our human resources processes and based on its results;
  • Data provided during the completion of a job application form or during a job interview
  • Submission by the employee candidate of his/ her resume;
  • Data provided by the person acting as a reference.
  • e) For what purposes shall we transfer your personal data to whom?

Your personal data shall be disclosed to contracted travel agencies, accommodation, and travel companies without seeking the express consent of the candidate pursuant to Article 8(2)(a) of the PDPL in case you are required to travel due to interviews and similar procedures and your travel organization is handled by us so that we can proceed with travel and accommodation formalities.

f) Your rights under Article 11 of the PDPL

Under Article 11 of the PDPL, you have certain rights as the data subject and you can submit your request about your such rights preferably by completing all required areas on the Data Subject Application Form posted on our website as well as by means of following means pursuant to Article 11 of the PDPL and Paragraph 1 of Article 13 thereof and pursuant to the Communiqué on Terms and Procedures for Application to Data Controller:

  • By personally visiting our Company at the address of Mustafa Kemal Mah. 2127.Sok. No:42/1-2 Çankaya Ankara,
  • In writing via a notary public or registered mail with return receipt in order to verify your identity and not to give information to unauthorized parties;
  • By sending an electronic mail to by using, if any, the electronic mail address that you have provided to us in the past and that is registered in our records,

or by some other means that the Committee will determine.

g) Storage Time of Personal Data

The Company shall delete, destroy or anonymize personal data when the purpose to process them is no longer applicable, or obligatory storage time periods required under the applicable laws and other applicable legislation expire.

h) Changes and Updates

This Clarification text is hereby drafted in line with the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 and other applicable legislation. Such revisions may be made to the present Clarification text as required in accordance with any changes to the applicable legislation and/ or the Company’s policies and purposes for processing personal data.  You can have access to the most current version of the Clarification Text by visiting the following address:

Address :Mustafa Kemal Mah. 2127.Sok. No:42/1-2 Çankaya Ankara
Electronic mail address :

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